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W.C. Clark - guitar, vocals
Derek O'Brien - guitar
Riley Osborne - piano, organ
Nick Connolly - piano, organ
Brant Leeper - organ, Fender Rhodes
Sarah Brown - Bass
Larry Fulcher - bass
Gerald Spencer - bass
Tommy Shannon - bass
Chris Layton - drums
Barry "Frosty" Smith - drums and percussion
C.C. Pinkston - drums and background vocals

Producer Credits:
Produced by:
Hammond Scott and
Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff
Executive Producer:
Nauman S. Scott III

The Kamikaze Horns:
Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff - tenor and baritone saxophone,
and all saxophone solos
Ernest Youngblood, Jr. - tenor saxophone
Gary Slechta - trumpet
Randy Zimmerman - trombone

Background Vocals:
The Gospel All Stars
Reverend James Lott,
Johnny Lott
Bryan A. Lott

1998 - Blacktop Records


Changing My Life With Your Love, Lover's Plea, Lonely No More, Someday, Pretty Little Mama, Are You Here, Are You There?, Everywhere I Go, Sunshine Lady, I'm Hooked On You, Why I Got the Blues, Do You Mean It?, That's a Good Idea 

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